Ultrasonic cleaning systems - Single and Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Equipment | Large to Custom Systems | The only industrial ultrasonic cleaners providing long-lasting, dependable units specifically for high volume, heavy duty applications.

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The quality of Blue Wave’s ultrasonic detergents is unparalleled. For over 6 decades, we’ve developed processes for our customers that include the perfect detergent to completely and efficiently clean their parts. Due to our super-concentrated formulas, we are also the best value on the market.

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Why Blue Wave?

Blue Wave specializes in providing industrial ultrasonic cleaners that drastically increase productivity. Our history, knowledge and reputation for quality have helped establish us as the premier manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems and detergents.

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Ultrasonic Industrial Systems

A Sales Engineers will work with you to provide a system that fits your exact needs. Blue Wave builds our systems in-house from the ground up. From smaller table-top systems to some of the biggest ultrasonic cleaning systems in the world.

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