Real People.  Unreal Quality.
How do you know if an ultrasonic cleaning system is right for your application?  How do you know Blue Wave is the right company to supply that system?  Obviously, we try to educate our potential customers on our website.  Our Sales Engineers also have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge creating solutions for our customer’s needs.   But ultimately, seeing is believing and we know that.  That’s why we put our systems to the test with your parts.  Here’s how:

Once the initial contact is made and we understand what items you’re cleaning (size, material, contaminants, etc), we recommend 2 options:

OPTION 1.  We send you one of our ultrasonic cleaning demonstration units with specific detergents and a process that includes cycle time and temperature.  The demonstration unit is yours for three weeks at no charge (except shipping).  The demo units are easy to hook up and operate.  These demo systems might not be the exact size or model that would maximize the efficiency of your cleaning process, but they will provide knowledge and confidence in the quality of ultrasonic cleaning and of Blue Wave.  We encourage you to use it 24 hours a day for three weeks.  Kick the tires hard. We want you to feel confident in the effectiveness and durability of our system.

OPTION 2.  You send us parts and we clean them with the camera rolling.  We perfect the chemistry, cycle time and temperature, then film your parts entering the tank and coming out completely clean.  Next, we give you secure access to these videos via the internet and in just a few short days you know how effective ultrasonic cleaning can be on your parts!  Finally, we ship the parts back for your inspection.  This option is also at no charge except the shipping.

In either scenario, you get first-hand knowledge of how a Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaning system will work for your application.  You’ll also learn what process (cycle time, temperature, detergents) will work best for your application, removing any guesswork about the variables of the operation.  And you’ll begin to realize quality and efficiency of our equipment, our people and the straightforward way we do business.

When you decide you need a quotation, our Sales Engineers work with you to provide a system that fits your exact needs.  Blue Wave builds our systems in-house from the ground up.  From smaller table-top systems to some of the biggest ultrasonic cleaning systems in the world.  We make standard systems and we design systems that are completely customized.  Our expertise is helping you maximize your productivity while staying within your budget.  After every system is built and thoroughly tested, it is shipped from Davenport, Iowa USA.  Upon arrival, installation is a relatively simple process that requires you to supply power and plumbing(for larger systems).  Our Sales Engineers oversee every aspect to assure the smooth implementation of your new Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaning system.

The exciting thing to consider is that your system will go to work for you immediately after it’s installed because the process to clean your specific parts will already be defined(cycle time, temperature, detergents).  Blue Wave will continue to work with you to establish recommended maintenance schedule which usually includes variables such as filter replacement, detergent replacement, and general system care.  When setting up and cared for properly, not only will a new Blue Wave system work efficiently on the first day of operation, it will continue to work effectively for decades!

This is our simple process for helping customers feel confident in their choice to drastically improve their current cleaning methods by implementing a Blue Wave Ultrasonic system.  Give us an opportunity to prove ourselves.  Contact us today!