North Carolina
“We love our Blue Wave unit and it has saved us a tremendous amount of time during a mold PM. Our molds are getting cleaner faster.”

New York
“Our Blue Wave US cleaning system functions better than we expected. Not only have our cleaning times been reduced by as much as 90% over hand cleaning but the parts are much cleaner than we ever attained by hand.”

North Carolina
“The cleaning is 2nd to none. We have saved a tremendous amount of time during PM’s due to being able to work on other duties while the rest is being ultrasonically cleaned. We have seen a more thorough cleaning in a fraction of the time it used to take with pads and degreaser.”

“I feel that overall this is a great system and provides us with good cleaning capabilities. There should be one in every shop.”

British Columbia
“We use an Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaner to clean our Wire Making dies and have saved significant costs over using our old method which involved manual cleaning and chemical sprays.”

“Blue Wave helped us spec out a unit that would fit our needs and made accommodations to do a demo that helped us understand the benefits and use of the equipment”

New Mexico
“While Blue Wave makes a very good product that effectively does the job it is designed to do, Blue Wave’s real strength that sets them apart from virtually all their competitors is their ability to work with their client to achieve a desired end result. In our case, they worked with us to provide a custom design with many unusual requirements for a commercial ultrasonic unit and did it all on a schedule that no one else agreed to meet! They completed approved shop drawings in 3 days!! They then fabricated and delivered (Iowa to New Mexico) a custom 5 tank cleaning system in 5 weeks!!!! This is unheard of in my experience and they did it all without cutting corners or making excuses. The entire staff, from the owners to the individuals in the shop, have a genuine interest in doing a quality job and exceeding the customer’s requirements. A REAL JOY TO WORK WITH!”

“The 2 Blue Wave ultrasonics we have perform very well and are very well constructed. We have had two other different brands and by far the Blue Wave is the best.”

“We have used three other brands of Ultrasonic equipment in our shop. Blue Wave Ultrasonics is by far the best. Their sales through installation support was very good.”

“The Blue Wave Ultrasonic Cleaning system is a well – built and rugged unit with easily – accessible components for performing routine maintenance. It is easy to operate and has proven to be very reliable.”

“The equipment we purchased works very well and I can not say enough about the level of outstanding service we have received.”