“Work smarter, not harder.”  Our job is to work with you to develop an ultrasonic cleaning system that maximizes your efficiency based on your specific application.  Once we’ve agreed on a system that meets your budget and your demands, your Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaning system starts saving you money.  Here’s how:

Most importantly, our ultrasonic cleaning systems will consistently and thoroughly clean your parts – every time.
All contaminates are lifted from every surface.  Even the smallest microscopic cavity. The key to understand is if it can be penetrated by the liquid detergent, it will be cleaned.  Ultrasonic cleaning minimizes the potential for unclean and/or unsafe parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning eliminates the need for tedious hand cleaning, which eliminates a giant portion of your labor costs.
If you are cleaning your parts by hand, imagine lowering your parts into your  Blue Wave system, turning it on and walking away.  Depending on your application, it may be 5 to 40 minutes to clean your parts.  Depending on the size of your parts and the size of your ultrasonic tank, you’ll be able to clean multiple parts at the same time.   Obviously, someone will need to periodically oversee the process, but again, that amount of time will be a fraction of the labor invested in manual parts cleaning.  Expect dramatic improvements in productivity.

Ultrasonic cleaning eliminates the use and exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals and costly disposal of those chemicals.
Ultrasonic Cleaning is a much cheaper and greener alternative to solvent based cleaning.  Our super-concentrated, bio-degradable detergents mix with tap water and are a fraction of the cost of spray solvents and toxic cleaning products.   When the life cycle of that detergent is complete, it can be treated and disposed of down the drain.


Combining all of these factors with the fact that Blue Wave has the experience and knowledge to help you maximize your efficiency, we confidently place the ROI time frame at ONE YEAR.

But we save the best for last…
  Our systems are built to last for decades!  As the years go by, your Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaning system will continue paying for itself again and again.

That’s the Blue Wave difference.