Changing the Hysteresis on the Omron E5GN Temperature Controller

•  This will be done with the temperature controller powered up in normal operating mode

•   Depress the LEVEL KEY  (Display changes to “L AdJ”)

•   Depress the MODE KEY  (Display changes to “i NS”)

•   Depress the MODE KEY  (Display changes to “Hys”)

•   Depress the UP KEY until the display reads 3

•   Depress the LEVEL KEY to save and exit

This will change the hysteresis from 1 degree to 3 degrees. We have found, that in some instances, this can cut the number of heater cycles in half. The hysteresis is always on the low side of the setpoint temperature.

For example, if you have a setpoint temperature of 180, and a hysteresis of 3 degrees, the heater will cycle between 180 degrees and 177 degrees.