Did you know that a build up of contaminants on your tank walls and bottom can seriously affect the tanks ability ultrasonically clean your parts?  Our tank walls are polished very smooth to reflect the ultrasonic pressure waves created by the transducers and insure that every spot in the cleaning bath is cavitating.  Effective and consistent cavitation, combined with the proper temperature and detergent formulation, are the critical factors that create the most effective and efficient cleaning.  If you notice that your parts are not getting as clean (and you are still using the same detergents at the same temperature), you may consider inspecting your tank walls and bottom.  These surfaces should be absolutely smooth and contamination free.

If there is there is a build up of any kind, its time to completely clean the tank.  Here is a step by step process to ensure your tank interior is completely clean and creating the best cavitation.

1. Drain the tank.

2. Fill the tank using 2 ounces per gallon of citric acid and 1 ounce per gallon of 25-I.

3. Heat the solution to 140 Degrees.

4. Turn on your Ultrasonic tank for 30 to 60 minutes and inspect the tank walls and floor when the cycle is completed.

This process should return the stainless to a new appearance.  If your specific cleaning process leaves contaminates on your tank walls and floor, we recommend incorporating this cleaning process on a regular basis to insure your system is operating at the optimum level.