Modular Design Provides Flexibility

Blue Wave’s Model CCRD was designed with the medical facility in mind.  The features incorporated in this unit evolved from over thirty years of problem solving for hospital and clinical applications.  Features include stainless steel cabinet, stainless steel tanks, magnetostrictive transducers, silver brazed to diaphragm and double pan lids with thermal and acoustic insulation.

This energy saving unit combines sonic energy wash, spray rinse and hot air dry into a single three chamber unit.  The rapid efficient ultrasonic cleaner will process three trays of instruments in 17 minutes.  The rinse chamber thoroughly rinses all items.  The drying chamber utilizes closed loop drying, recirculating heated air past a condenser to remove moisture.  With this type of system, no exhaust is required and no hot air is discharged into the work area to overload air conditioning systems or create uncomfortable working conditions.  Only four minutes are required to dry a tray of instruments.

Clean / Rinse / Dry Systems Sales sheet in PDF format

— Lifetime guaranteed magnetostrictive transducers
— Ultra-quiet 30 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no
standing waves or hot spots
— Automatic fill for ultrasonic cleaning chamber
— Automatic timed tap water rinse cycle followed by timed DI water rinse cycle
— Efficient Recirculating dryer
— Double pan lids with thermal & acoustic insulation
Technical Specifications