Dirl-Lum 603

Blue Wave’s answer for cleaning difficult surfaces.
Designed primarily for aluminum cleaning, Dirl-Lum 603 will clean a variety of other metals including iron, steel, magnesium, zinc, glass, brass and copper.  Excellent for removing oily soils such as silicone, grease, wax, oils, finishing compounds and general contaminants.  It has high rinsability which makes removal fast and easy.
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The price for the 40 pound quantity
(Part #: 100077-1) is normally $170.00, however we list it online as $207.00 to cover the $37.00 UPS hazardous material surcharge.

Please select UPS ground when checking out.


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Product description

Use Dirl-Lum 603 on:
Aluminum, Brass, Ceramics, Chromium, Copper, Glass, Iron, Magnesium, Nickel, Printed Circuit Board*, Steel & Zinc.
*May require pre-treatment

Dirl-Lum Removes:
Finishing Compounds, General Contaminants, Greases, Metal Chips, Oils, Silicones & Waxes


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