25-I Detergent


The premier all purpose cleaner for ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
This neutral pH compound is a highly effective combination of several powerful detergents, wetting agents, chelating agents and emulsifiers.  25-I improves cavitation performance.  It is a highly effective general purpose ultrasonic cleaning solution.
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Product description

The 25-I liquid solution in a dilution of one to four ounces per gallon of water will:
Provide superior wetting action
– Remove the most persistent soils
– Disperse insoluble soil
– Emulsify greasy soils
– Rinse free!

Blue Wave solutions are 100% environmentally safe.  25-I was tested by an independent laboratory, in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act, and was shown to exhibit no toxic or corrosion characteristics.  Specific characteristics are as follows:
Not a primary skin irritant
Not toxic by the dermal route
Not toxic by the inhalation route
Neutral pH
Not flammable

Use 25-I on:
Aluminum, Brass, Ceramics, Chromium, Copper, Glass, Iron, Magnesium, Nickel, Plastics, Printed Circuit Boards, Steel & Zinc.

25-I Removes:
Finishing Compounds, General Contaminants, Greases, Metal Chips, Oils, Oxides, Soldering Flux & Waxes.

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