Self Enclosed Cleaning System with a Small Footprint

The Blue Wave SEC cleaners allow you to maintain a completely self-contained cleaning system without occupying a large amount of floor space in your process.  You’ll also eliminate the need for solvents because SEC cleaners use Blue Wave’s environmentally safe, water-based cleaning formulations to remove soils from a wide variety of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass parts — without the use of harmful chemicals.

The SEC’s are ideal for the removal of oils and machining fluids, ground-in buffing and polishing compounds and a wide variety of other hard-to-remove contaminants.  The powerful and effective scrubbing action of the exclusive magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducers reaches even the smallest of crevices and blind holes.

Multi-Chamber Console Systems Sales sheet in PDF format

— Wash, rinse, final rinse, dry in one small footprint
— Lifetime guaranteed magnetostrictive transducers
— Ultra-quiet 30 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no
standing waves or hot spots
— High-Performance Recirculating Dryer with a maximum temperature of 300°F
— Optional Automated Transport System with PLC Control (Data Acquisition Available)

Technical Specifications