Modular Design Provides Flexibility

Blue Wave’s Console Systems provide a flexible platform of standard stainless steel consoles that can be adapted to meet most any cleaning process.

The Model CC-1825 Console Cleaner is a compact stainless steel cabinet design that incorporates heat to aid in the cleaning process, as well as the filtration system to aid in removing particulate from the cleaning solution.  Ultrasonic generator, filter pump, and filter cartridge housing are conveniently located on a pull-out shelf located inside the console.  All process control functions, including a timer and temperature controller, are located on the front of the unit.  The Console Cleaner also incorporates a heavy duty, double pan sound insulated stainless steel lid to help reduce noise level and to provide heat insulation.

The Model CR-1825 Spray Rinse provides utilizes standard water pressure to provide a spray water rinse for removing residual detergent and contamination from items that have been cleaned.  The system is also available as a CIMR-1825 Heated Immersion Rinse, which is ideal for parts with intricacies and recesses that a spray rinse may not reach.  Both units come complete with hinged, double pan stainless steel lid.

The Model CD-1825 Dryer provides a single pass of heated air (up to 200 degrees F) which is then exhausted.  This reduces humidity build-up and offers quick processing of the parts to be dried.  On/Off, temperature control and optional timer are conveniently located on the front of the unit.  A hinged, double pan insulated stainless steel lid is included to help hold in heat.

Modular Console Systems Sales sheet in PDF format

— Flexible footprint for multiple configurations.
— Double pan lids with thermal & acoustic insulation
— Cleaner has slide tray for easy access maintenance
— Lifetime guaranteed magnetostrictive transducers
— Dryer uses “One-Pass” heated air; keeps humidity and cycle times down
— Ultra-quiet 30 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with
no standing waves or hot spots

Console Cleaner: CC-1825
The durable construction of the CC-1825 and easy slide tray access for maintenance make this unit one of the most desirable cleaners on the market today. It has ultrasonics, heat, and filtration in one tank. The powerful and effective scrubbing action of the exclusive magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducers reaches even the smallest of crevices and blind holes.

Technical Specifications

Console Rinse: CR-1825
With a chamber and cabinet matching Blue Wave’s console cleaner, the CR-1825 is engineered to provide a pressure spray to flush parts for removal of residual cleaning solution and loosened soils after withdrawal from the cleaning tank. Optional rinses include immersion rinse with agitation and ultrasonic rinse.
Technical Specifications

Console Dryer: CD-1825
Completing the console system, the dryer matches the cleaner and rinse cabinet designs. The CD-1825 provides drying of cleaned and rinsed items with 350 CFM of filtered air, thermostatically controlled to 180 degrees F. To provide quick and efficient drying the CD-1825 utilizes “one-pass” heated air, which also keeps humidity and cycle times down.
Technical Specifications