Large-ultrasonic-tank4Blue Wave makes the biggest and longest lasting industrial ultrasonic tanks in the world, but every once in awhile, we take on some big projects that are worth mentioning.

This year one of our customers in the plastic thermoforming business challenged us with creating four identical systems for four different plants. Each system needed to completely clean their large plastic molds. Blue Wave’s solution was a custom cleaning system featuring an ultrasonic tank and a rinse tank holding 450 gallons each and measuring 65″ x 57″ x 28″ apiece. The ultrasonic tank featured filtration, heat and 10,000 watts of ultrasonic power to operate.

Large-ultrasonic-tank“We’ve built plenty of tanks bigger than these, but the neat thing about this job was building four identical ultrasonic tanks and 4 rinse tanks in a row. It was like we were building Corvettes on the assembly line.” said Jeff Hancock, VP of Sales and Marketing. “The baskets that will be used to drop the molds in each tank are robust enough to hold 1,500 pounds,” he added.

The important thing to remember is that these kinds of systems are what separates Blue Wave from our competition. Anyone using piezoelectric transducer type systems would design this tank to be outfitted with drop-in, immersible transducer units which would not only be cumbersome and add cost, they simply wouldn’t last as long as the robust, magnetostrictive transducer systems Blue Wave has perfected.

“Our customers who do their homework and have experience with us, know the difference.” explains sales engineer Kalvin Frank. “These four systems will run 24/7 for decades.”