Add quality ultrasonic cleaning to existing tanks with immersible ultrasonic transducers.

Blue Wave Immersible Transducers make it easy to add ultrasonic efficiency to your process by using your own tanks.

Blue Wave’s exclusive Magnetostrictive Transducer & Diaphragm Assembly is hermetically seal welded with a stainless steel back cover to create a water-tight, submersible ultrasonic system that can be placed in your existing tank.

The heavy-duty design assures years of trouble free service, even in the most demanding application – such as high temperature, highly alkaline cleaning processes.  Blue Wave’s 30kHz magnetostrictive transducer is not subject to the performance degradation of typical piezoelectric systems.  Equally important is Blue Wave’s 7 Gauge (.187″) 316L stainless steel radiating diaphragm, guaranteed for life to never pit through from cavitation erosion – the main failure point of most any other manufacturer’s ultrasonic system!

These units can be bottom or side mounted, either singly or in multiple configurations to accommodate specific wattage requirements for larger tank designs.  Included in the standard price is custom welded stainless steel conduit for the electrical cabling required in the tank bath, as well as an additional 10′ of the liquid tight conduit to the ultrasonic generator.  Consult directly with a Blue Wave Sales Engineer to determine the optimum configuration for your cleaning application.

Immersible Transducer Systems Sales sheet in PDF format

— Easily adapted to existing process lines (aqueous cleaning lines, plating lines or any
other application which may benefit from microscopic scrubbing action)
— Heavy Duty, Industrial Design, and Durability
— Lifetime guaranteed magnetostrictive transducers
— Ultra-quiet 30 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no
standing waves or hot spots

Technical Specifications