The safe and efficient cleaning method in the circuit board and electronics assembly process.
Blue Wave electronics ultrasonic cleaners safely and effectively remove contaminants from post re-flowed circuit assemblies. These contaminate can range from solder paste and flux residues to stamping oils, machining oils, oxides and carbon residues. Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaners reduce rework and dramatically improve reliability. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems feature sweeping ultrasonic frequency (with superimposed auto-follow control frequency) that creates a “sweeping” effect, which quickly and reliably cleans electrical assemblies without causing damage that can occur from standing waves generated by the same frequency.

Blue Wave Ultrasonics is the only ultrasonic cleaning system manufacturer that combines the effectiveness of sweeping frequencies with the incredible reliability of magnetostrictive transducers. This fact is critical when looking for an ultrasonic cleaning system for your electronics and/or semiconductor cleaning solution. Nearly all ultrasonic cleaning manufacturers utilize a method for sweeping frequencies which is crucial for electronics and/or semiconductor cleaning. However, ALL of these manufacturers utilize piezoelectric transducers to accomplish their sweeping action. In a high volume cleaning environment which we consider “industrial” cleaning, ultrasonic systems featuring piezoelectric transducers deteriorate over time depending on workload. Blue Wave systems always feature magnetostrictive transducers that have never failed. We manufacture systems that are designed to withstand the industrial level workload. For more info on the difference between magnetostrictive and piezoelectric transducers, please visit our Before You Buy page.

Respected Blue Wave Clients in the Electronics/Semiconductor manufacturing Industry:
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Circuit Board Cleaning Demonstration

Typical Systems for Electronics/Semiconductor Applications:

Blue Wave Advantages for the Electronics/Semiconductor manufacturing Industry.

Knowledge – Beginning in the 1950s, we’ve made ultrasonic cleaning systems and detergents that succeed in every environment.  Our experience is the key to providing you the best cleaning solution.  We have the advantage of making the longest lasting and most effective ultrasonic tanks in the world, but our expertise and passion are delivering systems that are the best possible solution for your business.
Durability – Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaning systems are designed to perform at the highest level in the most demanding industrial cleaning environments around the world.  We know our systems are expected to operate for longer hours at higher temperatures while cleaning to the highest standards, and we still offer the very best warranty in the ultrasonic cleaning industry (and it’s not even close).   How?  We utilize the highest quality materials and the most proven techniques while administering the most stringent quality testing.
Flexibility – Our ability to adapt to your specific cleaning needs is unparalleled.  If one of our standard systems won’t completely fit your needs, we work with you to engineer a custom design that will be the very best option to maximize your cleaning efficiency.  From the tank size to the detergent formulation to automation, the experts at Blue Wave will create a dependable cleaning solution that stays within your budget and delivers exceptional results.
Service – Our systems are designed, manufactured and tested at our company headquarters located in Davenport, Iowa USA.  The same experts who-who helped design your system are the people who service your system after the sale.  We know the efficiency of your production process can depend on our ability to respond to your inquiries.  Your success is our priority.
Return on Investment– Ultrasonic cleaning, in general, provides a favorable return on investment when compared to your existing conventional cleaning methods.  The least expensive ultrasonic equipment will typically make more financial sense than paying for the labor needed to hand scrub your parts.  However, is the price the only thing you should consider?  Blue Wave specializes in making industrial systems that work for decades.  Long after inferior systems deteriorate, a Blue Wave system will still be going strong.   Our quality is a trustworthy investment that keeps paying off, year after year.

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