Let Blue Wave design a custom ultrasonic cleaner for your specific needs.

Blue Wave engineers will customize a cleaning system to handle YOUR specific cleaning application.  For over 60 years, we have been solving cleaning problems for the United States Government, Fortune 500 Companies, job shops and many more.  We have the know-how to provide the perfect system for your cleaning process — big or small, no matter what your budget.

We’ll complete a thorough analysis of your cleaning process, considering the items to be cleaned, the contaminant to be removed, where the cleaning step fits into the overall process, throughput, and more.  We will then recommend the ideal process for your facility, spelling out exactly how best to achieve and surpass cleaning specifications.

We Define For You:
— The ideal wash/rinse/dry (or any combination) for your application; including tank sizes.
— The best temperature for the bath and how to achieve and maintain this temperature.
— The time necessary to clean each part/batch and how to meet your production quantity requirements.
— The ideal solution for your process.

All systems use Blue Wave’s environmentally safe, water-based cleaning formulations to remove soils from a side variety of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass parts – without the use of solvents or harmful chemicals.