Cleaning in a whole new light.

In this demonstration, precision aerospace parts are ultrasonically cleaned. The contaminant is fluorescent die penetrant that glows with the assistance of a black light. This cool demonstration vividly shows the ultrasonic cleaning process in a ‘whole new light’.  Actually we thought this demonstration might be a flop because it involved a darkened room and ‘props’ (the black light) to capture the process.  However, it turned out to be pretty cool.  It shows in a very unique way how ultrasonics lifts contaminants off surfaces.

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Video Demonstrations: A Blue Wave Video Blog

The effects of Ultrasonic pressure waves in the cleaning tank are actually a pretty cool thing to witness. Blue Wave’s Jeff Hancock demonstrates some of these interesting properties in this video as if you were standing right in our laboratory. Understanding the basics of how ultrasonics and ultrasonic cleaning will help you realize the possibilities with your own cleaning application. Let this short video be your ‘beginners guide’ to the how ultrasonic cleaning can improve your industrial business processes.

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