Automated and Customizable to Fit Your EXACT Needs
Blue Wave’s Automated Transport System shown above with our SEC Cleaning System(Figures A & B) reduces labor and gives customers the reliability and repeatability needed in precision cleaning applications.  Basket fixtures are moved from tank to tank by the Automated Transport System using a choice of customer-defined predetermined recipes, or it can be run in a manual operating mode.

Five pre-programmed recipes come with each system, allowing process flexibility for varying part types.  Operating the system in manual mode allows the user to move the hoist with a “joystick” type control on the touchscreen.

Electrical controls for the system are contained in the NEMA 12 Control Enclosure (Figure C).  This enclosure also holds the touchscreen where all input operations are conducted.  The touchscreen control allows the operator to change tank temperatures, cleaning cycles, and filtration options all at the touch of a finger (Figures D & E).   Blue Wave’s Automated Transport System can be run in serial (one basket at a time) or parallel (a basket in each tank at all times if available) modes.  The Transport System will remember where all baskets are at all times, thus ensuring no double loading of tanks.

Automated Transport Systems Sales sheet in PDF format

— Easily adapted to existing process lines such as aqueous cleaning lines or plating lines.
— Heavy Duty, Industrial Design and Durability.
— Lifetime guaranteed magnetostrictive transducers.
— Ultra-quiet 30 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no
standing waves or hot spots.