Large-ultrasonic-tank-7Blue Wave Large-ultrasonic-tank-6recently completed Large-ultrasonic-tank-5another huge tank that we think is pretty newsworthy. We know the last blog was also about a big tank, but this one made those tanks look small and we thought we’d show it off.  We’d like to point out that we are constantly building tanks of all shapes and sizes that are normally much smaller, but when a job of this magnitude came though the shop, everybody took notice.

“We basically had to plan the entire workflow around the tanks completed size. Maneuvering it from our welders to the electronics assembly to the testing area and eventually on the loading dock took some precision,” said Robert Schwan, Operations Manager at Blue Wave.

This tank was custom built for a client who required a method to thoroughly clean large heat exchangers.  The tank is just over 25 feet long, 5 feet wide and stands close to 6 feet tall.  It holds approximately 3030 gallons of cleaning that is heated by a custom designed method that incorporates the client’s gas burner system.  It has a 560-gallon overflow chamber for displaced detergent, a sparge pump and sparge filtration system.  It also pumps 100 gallons per minute through a whole tank filtration system to maximize the tanks cleaning ability, cycle after cycle.

“It is cool to see a tank like that power up for the first time,” explained Sales Engineer Kalvin Frank. “There is over 448 magnetostrictive transducers silver brazed to the side walls providing the ultrasonic punch.  That’s a lot of power.”  Take a look at this video of the tank turning on.

We said this in the last blog but it is worth repeating:
The important thing to remember is that these kinds of systems are what separates Blue Wave from our competition. Anyone using piezoelectric transducer type systems would design this tank to be outfitted with drop-in, immersible transducer units which would not only be cumbersome and add cost, they simply wouldn’t last as long as the robust, magnetostrictive transducer systems Blue Wave has perfected.

“Our customers who do their homework and have experience with us, know the difference.” explains sales engineer Kalvin Frank.