Recognizing that there were no industry-wide mold maintenance standards, ToolingDocs was established in 2001 as a traveling seminar circuit to address mold maintenance throughout North America. The unique training program was developed in-house and designed around mold maintenance and repair best practices, and ToolingDocs established itself as a leading authority on the subject.
BLUE WAVE strongly recommends the services of ToolingDocs for optimizing the efficiency of your plastic molding business.



Using their knowledge garnered from more than 100 years in certifying products, their product safety evaluations involve a comprehensive review of important safety issues such as electrical shock, fire hazards, and even performance when it’s inherent to a product operating safely.  They actively participate in national and international standards development and their own technical experts have developed more than 1,000 safety standards.  Their industry-leading team of primary designated engineers drives consistency, integrity and engineering quality in establishing and applying their certification requirements.
National and International companies trust BLUE WAVE’s commitment to adhere to the strict standards set by UL.  We are a 508A Industrial Control Panel Manufacturer.

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ThomasNet is the Engineers’ and buyers’ choice for finding trusted suppliers.  The only free platform designed for sourcing components, equipment, MRO products, raw materials and custom manufacturing services.  BLUE WAVE continues to maintain a strong relationship with an outstanding presence on ThomasNet as the industry leader in Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning suppliers.